Ceramic Coating in Surat

Coating Guru is a leading Ceramic Coating in Surat. where we deliver the utmost care, the right tools, and the best technology to your vehicles so that you do not have to worry about their safety and appearance every now and then. On the plus side, we do not ask our customers to spend a fortune on their car and bike coating. We are a service-oriented coating company that specializes in 9H Ceramic Coating, 10H Ceramic Coating, Crystal Coating, Polymer Coating, Diamond Cut Coating and similar services.

We are backed by the best technology measures, excellent workmanship, and eco-friendly techniques that help our dedicated team to offer Best Ceramic Coating Services to the clients. Coating Guru is the popular name in the automotive business having a strong customer base and happy clients. We have almost a decade long experience in providing comprehensive Ceramic Coating for Cars and Bikes.

Coating your vehicle with durable products protects its surface from every sort of harm including dirt, dust, acid rain, scratches, and many more. We deploy advanced nanotechnology to enhance the look and appearance of your vehicles. The best aspect of our ceramic coating services is that we have premium technology and coating options that you can avail of for your vehicle at Most Affordable Prices at your Door Step.

Best Ceramic Coating is something every vehicle requires and you can easily get it from Coating Guru. We have car coating protection techniques that house the latest innovation and technology in the automotive industry.

We offer our clients the best 9H and 10h ceramic coating. The fate of our clients and the exemplary coating services have made our platform into a huge family of various National and international clients. Our 9H Ceramic Coating in Surat company helps vehicle owners to explore nude coating techniques and upgrade their vehicles to offer top-notch coating services. We also specialize in car detailing, bike detailing, washing and cleaning services, car ceramic coating, and other services belonging to the same category.

we envision to prosper our platform and offer our customers the most advanced and redefining ceramic coating and detailing services to enhance their overall experience. Most clients find our car detailing and coating services highly convenient and affordable. We insure integrating advanced measures and Technology to assist our clients with the best ceramic coating and polishing services. You can reclaim the fading glory and shine of your vehicles with our super Car Coating in Surat.


Car Cosmic 9H Ceramic Coating

9H Ceramic Coating

The special formula of 9H ceramic coating in Surat enables it to be easily applied in various layers which means that the thickness of its coating can be increased with multiple layers.

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10H Ceramic Coating

Our comprehensive 10H Ceramic Coating in Surat refers to an advanced coating that protects the cars from dust, chips, scratches, water streaks, and acid rain.

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Crystal Coating

Coating Guru Offers Crystal Coating for Cars and Bikes in Surat at Affordable Prices and also we offer Door to Door Services. Crystal Coating will Surely improve the shining of your Cars and Bikes once you Choose to Apply. Crystal Coating can protect your Car and Bike Paint. it will become scratch proof and Water Resistant. Call now to Get Best Price from Coating Guru. Give us a Chance . view more

Polymar Coating

Polymer ceramic coating is available to the users as a liquid polymer that can be applied to the surfaces to enhance their longevity.

Polymer ceramic coating is available to the users as a liquid polymer that can be applied to the surfaces to enhance their longevity.

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Coating Guru also Provides Diamond Cut Coating Services in Surat. in Diamond Cut Coating We don’t use Ceramic we use Different Types of Compounds and WAX. All Compound and Wax are Made in USA. Diamond Cut Coating can be very useful once you want to get Shine on your Car and Bike. Call us now to Get Best Price for Diamond Cut Coating. view more
Coating Guru also Provides Car Seat Cover Services in Surat at your Door Step. We have Wide Range of Car Seat Covers at Very Affordable Price Range as compare to Market. Call us to get Best Deal. view more



Good support is supplied and a lot of dedication. I received my brand new car coated and today it’s looking royal. Fantastic value for money. Great work is accomplished by workers. Following 4 weeks of coat, I met with a collision. After denting function of my vehicle, they’ve coated the dented section. Good Job men!!

That is just another round of upgrade to say about Coating Guru they live up to your expectations. They made a guarantee that they’ll take care of yearly maintenance. Here my brand new photos of my car, looking as fresh after yearly maintenance by Coating Guru. The same as the very first moment. Good Work Guys!!! You’re awesome!!!

Vipul Patel

Fantastic job is achieved by Coating Guru Surat. Obtained my Ford Figo Aspire performed by these, the car appears pristine following the ceramic coating services. Each of the swirl marks have been gone along with the car shone just the way on it. Thanks Coating Guru with this Wonderful coating. There’s but 1 word to describe their job and that’s ‘Perfection’. Be it their hospitality or service, my Bullet Classic 350 is currently looking glossier (It appears better than a brand-new bullet) and that I will rest assured it will endure for years!!!

I would also like to give a special thanks to this group for being really useful in teaching the procedure & the best way to keep up the bicycle post-coating. I’d certainly suggest this Ceramic Coating Services in Surat to those who love their Car and Bike to look like new for years!!

Sohail Shaikh

Thanks to Coating Guru’s staff for the job done by them in my Creta. It seems far better than a fresh one. A huge thanks to the whole staff who’d worked hard to finish two weeks and nights to reach it! Thank you so much, staff!!! Amazing gesture from the people there. Really Professional. I’m very pleased with the way that they managed and supplied the ceramic coating. I have done ceramic coating for my SUV and 2 years down the line- I’m loving it as much as I did once I do it. Surprisingly good at their merchandise offerings and solutions. Highly focused in their clients – satisfaction and relationships. Would recommend this area because of their high standards of quality and support. Additionally, punctually and accountable delivery. A major shout from the group. Continue the good work.

Jyoti Shah

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Best Car Coating in Surat

Established in 2011, we have leading-edge experience in ceramic polishes, coating, and detailing services. As a renowned ceramic coating for cars in Surat we have worked for several years to offer a wide range of ceramic coating and polishing services. The success of our premium coating solutions is evident by our potential clients. Our ceramic polishing and coating products contain supreme quality materials chosen by the best resources all across the world. From chemical emulsion systems to abrasives, and vehicle polishing to the coating we use the best and industry-leading options. We are devised by the industry experts to offer perfection with our ceramic coating services. We are particular with our product selections and use all these products to offer high-quality services at competitive prices. Our vehicle refinishing services are specially designed for body Shop vehicle systems. We also ensure quality and peerless coating and finish and allow the experts to offer desired services to our clients.

Car Coating price in Surat

Our ceramic coating solutions focus on durable paint protection and we magnify the glass of your vehicles to give it ultimate shine. Our service package consists of polishing, decontamination, and vehicle protection processes that will give an amazing look to your cars and bikes. Paint protection and coating is an incredible way to maintain the prime condition of your vehicles and prevent the rust, chips, fading, weather effects from your vehicles. Our ceramic coating services help you resist the contamination and rest from your vehicles along with giving it an extremely high gloss. We are a frontrunner ceramic coating and polishing company that implement value-added paint services, fusion, spraying, and surfacing vehicle oriented concerns. Our pro glass shield and coating services prevent your vehicles from various environmental impacts.

Why Choose Us?

Premium Quality

Our sleek coated and ceramic coating services at competitive ceramic coating price in surat do not allow brake dust, tar, or dirt to stick to your paint, glass, or wheels. It helps us to wash your vehicle with maximum neatness and we ensure premium quality Services to our customers. Our coating services will protect the exterior and interior of your vehicle from degradation after long use.

Super High Gloss

Once we apply the best ceramic car coating in surat in your vehicle you can see a high gloss and mirror effect that is backed by incompatible glossiness and color depth. We offer less maintenance to your vehicle and make sure the shine lasts for many years. Our Ceramic coating services come with a high-intensity glossiness and your vehicle looks new all the time.

9H and 10H Hardness

Our 9H and 10H hardness is extensively used in ceramic coating services that help us to evaluate the scratch resistance of any surface. These coatings are extremely thin and there is no way you can get a track of the actual hardness of the coating without taking into consideration the base substrates and hardness after coating surface

Door to Door Service

We offer door to door ceramic coating services to our customers for premium bike and cars coating. through our door to do ceramic coating services you can get long lasting protection and ultimate shine for your vehicles. Our Door to door car ceramic coating in Surat service agents are proficient with providing the coating services that can work wonders for your cars and bikes

Lifetime Warranty

We ensure delivering high quality and lifetime warranty services to our customers and never compromise with the standards of ceramic coating. Our staff has an in-depth understanding of customer requirements and they were accordingly to fulfill their vehicle coating and protection requisites. We offer the best and end-to-end ceramic coating services to our customers backed by lifetime warranty measures.